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The winter season is now in full swing, which means it's time to fit your vehicle with the right set of winter tires. If you're based in or around our home of Buckingham, QC, we at Buckingham Toyota can meet all your tire-related and winter maintenance needs, and you can learn more about your winter tire swap below before booking a service appointment with us online at your convenience.
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Winter tires are mandatory in our home province of Quebec and recommended in neighbouring Ontario, so if you haven't scheduled your winter tire swap, now is the time. Thanks to their unique rubber compound and aggressive tread patterns, winter tires are specifically designed to help you maintain traction and brave the snow, slush, and ice of winter. Whichever Toyota model you drive, our Tire Centre can provide you with the recommended brand and size of winter tires for your vehicle, and one of our technicians will gladly install them for you during your next appointment with our Service Centre.

Our team can also take care of all your other tire-related services, including tire rotation and balancing, as well as wheel alignment, so your tires can wear out evenly, and your vehicle can treat you to optimal stability, handling, performance, and safety through the winter season. After the worst of winter has passed and temperatures begin consistently hitting 7 degrees Celsius and above, you can count on us to replace your winter tires with a set of all-seasons for safe and enjoyable springtime driving.

Contact us at Buckingham Toyota today for more on winter tire swaps and what our Service Centre has to offer.

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